In the morning of August 21st 2018, at the meeting room B1, the Rector of Mientrung Industry and Trade College met, exchanged and encouraged the MITC students who had a start-up project to be selected in the Top 5 of the Startup Contest 2018 of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

khởi nghiệp MITC

MITC start-up team consists of 3 members: Ngo Thi My Nhan (Team leader), Nguyen Duy Luan and Nguyen Binh Phuong Nga (team members)

The Start-up Contest organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology is to stimulate creativity and dynamic thinking, and to transmit inspiration to the young generation throughout the country. Through the establishment of business Start-up projects and business studies, young people will draw on their experiences and knowledge about business. More importantly, from the competition, feasible projects will be consulted, completed and connected with investors for the projects and supported the establishment of businesses.

The start-up project “Long Mulberry Farm Investment” of 3 students Ngo Thi My Nhan, Nguyen Duy Luan and Nguyen Binh Phuong Nga – Mientrung Industry and Trade College is the First prize winner of the Idea of Start-up Contest organized by the MITC Center for Enterprise Incubation and Innovation and represents the school to participate in the Start-up competition at the Ministry level this time.

The project was conceived and implemented within seven months, with the idea of investing in a long mulberry farm in Hoa Phong commune, Tay Hoa district, where the soil and climate are suitable. After collection, the fruit will be used as fruit juice and its leaves will be used as medicinal herbs. This is a project meeting both economic and social values, so it is highly appreciated by the judges. The project will compete with four other projects in the final of the Start-up competition of the Science and Technology Ministry on August 25th, 2018 in Hanoi.

Mr. Tran Kim Quyen – Rector of the school has exchanged and encouraged: “The school will provide as much support as possible for you in the process of participating in the contest, you need to be brave and confident to present your project in front of the Examining Council, and above all, please maintain the determination to implement the project, turning the idea into reality through calling for investors to sponsor this project”.

Ngo Thi My Nhan – team leader shared: “Our team is very happy when our project is in the top 5 of the start-up competition of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is the result of the efforts of the whole group. Hopefully, this time we will win the highest prize of the competition and call for investors for the project ”.

Dang Tu
(Photo of Dinh Phu)