Mientrung Industry and Trade College – achievements on the journey 40 years of construction and development
Formerly, the school was known as Geological School II and belonged to Ministry of Industry (now Ministry of Industry and Trade). Mientrung Industry and Trade College was established on August 1st, 1978. After 40 years of establishment and development, the school has become a reliable address of multi-disciplinary training for hundreds of thousands of students to meet the demand for young manpower in the South Central Coast, Central Highlands and the whole country.
The year 2018 is a milestone of continuous efforts to further affirm the school’s own value chain, affirming a brand in the training of qualified human resources in the industrialization and modernization of the country. With the motto “Quality is the mission, success is the destination”, the school continuously innovates management to improve the quality of training and always consider this a key element of sustainable development and to ensure the brand name of Mientrung Industry and Trade College. By the beginning of 2018, the school has 220 staffs, including more than 30 PhDs and post-graduates. More than 65% of the lecturers are masters. The scope of training is continuously expanded to meet social needs with 25 branches of Diploma levels, 20 branches of the Intermediate levels, including three main categories such as Engineering, Economics and Services. The ratio of graduates who have stable jobs through the job-creation floor established by the school is quite high through the signing of cooperation agreements with 45 domestic enterprises, of which five enterprises signed comprehensive cooperation on research, production and training programs … ensuring the employment of students after graduation and the opportunity to access reality even when they are still studying at school.
In the professional activities, the school also focuses on and promotes the international training cooperation. More than 70% of MITC doctoral and post-graduate study abroad; the school has cooperated with many domestic universities to organize joint-training courses and issued certificates in order to facilitate the need to improve knowledge and skills of learners. Scientific research of lecturers, staff and students are always invested by the school. From 2007 to 2017, there have been 231 researches and initiatives implemented with the value of over VND 20 billion, many of which were of practical significance to the community. Many students attended the workmanship exams of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and National level and achieved high results, mainly in Welding, Refrigeration and Computer Design.
With the achievements in vocational education and the potentials and strengths of the school, in 2017, Mientrung Industry and Trade College was selected as a training center for seven key professions, of which 2 disciplines are in line with International standards (Industrial Electricity and Metal Cutting), 02 disciplines are Asian standards (Welding, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), 03 National standards (Industrial Electronics, Information Technology and Tourism).
For 40 years of ups and downs, 40 years of hard work to overcome difficulties, to promote the advantages to be gradually mature. Thanks to the complete union, high responsibility, whole-hearted contribution and active creation of all the staff, Party members, teachers and all students in teaching, studying and learning, TIC has gained those great achievements. This constant effort has been recognized by many commendations from the government, ministries and local authorities:
– First Labor Medal in 2008
– Second Labor Medal 2003
– Third Class Independence Medal 2013
– Vietnam’s first Gold Symbol – 2011
– Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education and Training 2011, 2013
– Certificate of Merit of Phu Yen People’s Committee in 2010, 2013 and 2015
– Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the General Confederation of Labor and other noble rewards
It’s a long way to go with a lot of effort and proud steps. Entering into the new development period of the country, the period of international integration, challenges and opportunities, Mien Trung Industry and Trade College steps with its mission is to provide learners, social community with high quality training services and research to meet the high demand of society. Believe that, with the spirit of solidarity, with the mentality and enthusiasm of the cadres and staff of the school, the road ahead even extremely difficult will not stop the step of aspiration to conquer and dedicate.