Part of the start-up programs of Mien Trung Industry and Trade College, MITC STARTUP 2020 is an annual contest for students and high school learners in Phu Yen province, contributing to the development of MITC’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MITC has been proud as one of the pioneer organizations in the movement of start-up and innovation in Phu Yen province in particular and the Central Highlands region in general since 2016.

 MITC’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has successfully grown with numerous efficient activities and programs to support startup ideas and projects of students and small businesses. 

These activities include connecting with innovation hubs, businesses, and investment funds; establishing Innovation and Entrepreneurship clubs. The school also organizes start-up seminars, workshops, and training programs at colleges, universities, high schools, and companies. In particular, the school has attached the entrepreneurship module to the curriculum, focusing on soft skills and knowledge related to entrepreneurship, such as financial and time management, communication, and pitching…,

Besides, the MITC STARTUP contest is an annual event to promote and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship to students from colleges, universities, and high schools. Apart from that, the contest is to choose potential and feasible ideas and projects to support by capital funding and incubation. Participating in this event is a golden opportunity for students to improve their skills and knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship. By receiving feedback from the judging panel and hearing initiatives of other contestants, they can recognize their drawbacks and advantages, helping them perfect these ideas and projects and bring products and services to market.

  The final round of the MITC STARTUP 2022 contest, Faculty of Business Administration - Tourism - Fashion

The MITC STARTUP 2022 contest was launched in March 2022 throughout the province. Teams participating are divided into two groups, one for students from colleges and universities and the rest for high school learners. The judges selected 23 projects for the semi-final round expected to occur from July 5, 2022 – July 10, 2022. Five projects having the highest scores in this round will continue to compete in the final at the end of July 2022. MITC college will support the winning projects in the final round by connecting them with incubators and businesses for further investment and development, bringing their products and services to market.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between MITC and the Southern National Startup Advisory and Support Council; Business Forum Magazine  

Entrepreneurship is a challenging and exciting journey where students can gain valuable knowledge and practical skills, helping them resilient to the labor market. 

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