Born and growing up in an era dominated by technological advances, Gen Z is more likely to adapt to the fast-growing technology than other earlier generations. Therefore, sectors related to digital transformation, such as commercial business, would be one of the primary choices for Gen Zs to take part.

What is the commercial business?

Commercial business is a paramount major belonging to the economic sector, including warehouse management, logistics and transportation, international trade, and e-commerce. Because of that, it will be suitable for those who are passionate about business and have a calculating and analytical mind sense.

Students studying  Commercial Business are running an online shop on an e-commerce platform in a practicing class.

People working in the commercial business need to be capable of managing, organizing and coordinating sales activities. In particular, they also need to have skills in sales psychology and consumer buying behavior to effectively organize sales activities and promote the business development of their company or enterprise.

Job opportunities in commercial business.

Considered an all-rounder major and playing a crucial role in business activities, graduates from this major can take on different job positions such as:

Import-Export Specialist: This role’s responsibilities include organizing and overseeing the transportation of goods to domestic and international markets. They prepare and process all required documents and permits for shipping purposes,  inspect the quality of products, and maintain records of all invoices and transactions. They need the skills of communication, persuasion, and negotiation to discuss the price and quality of products with partners.

Sales specialists: Their duties are to improve sales and supervise business growth. They have a profound understanding of all company products and services; the skills and experience required to sell them. Sales specialists might also prepare marketing budgets, analyze trends, manage the sales team, and perform sales forecasts.

E-commerce specialist:  An e-commerce specialist is responsible for designing and conducting e-Commerce marketing strategies to promote the products and services of online businesses by using all available marketing channels. Their duties are to manage site development, update shopping trends, and work with co-workers to collect necessary content for each product or service offering.

With the knowledge and skills you have accumulated as studying this major, you can become a customer service specialist, a marketing specialist, or a PR specialist. Thanks to experience and competence, you will be able to get the promotions of product manager, store manager, etc. Besides,  you have great opportunities for teaching and training in commercial business.

Where to study the Commercial Business?

At Mien Trung Industry and Trade college, we will provide learners commercial business curriculum built based on solid knowledge systems and practical skills to help students adapt to the demands of workplaces. In addition to our team of highly qualified and dedicated lecturers, the Commercial Business program meets the national educational standards. Therefore, more than 80% of the students get jobs immediately after graduation.

If you are interested in the major and like to understand more about the profession, please contact us via hotline: 0869291168 or visit the website: for advice and support!

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