According to the National Expanded Immunization Program on the morning of March 18, there are 3,359 people who were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 on March 17. 

Thus, a total of 24,054 people were vaccinated against COVID-19. They are medical staff who are directly treating COVID-19 patients and doing tasks such as taking patient samples, testing, tracing, members of the community COVID-19 groups and the Steering Committee for Epidemic prevention.
AstraZeneca vaccination for medical staff at Ha Dong General Hospital, Hanoi.

AstraZeneca vaccination for medical staff at Ha Dong General Hospital, Hanoi.

AstraZeneca vaccination for medical staff at Ha Dong General Hospital, Hanoi.
Details of 24,054 people injected in 12 provinces/cities from March 8 to March 17 are as follows:
– Hai Duong province: 12,068 people
– Hanoi city: 3,768 people
– Hung Yen province: 2,492 people
– Bac Ninh province: 1,332 people
– Bac Giang province: 2,281 people
– Hai Phong city: 205 people
– Ho Chi Minh City: 884 people
– Gia Lai province: 200 people
– Long An province: 204 people
– Da Nang city: 117 people
– Hoa Binh province: 152 people
– Khanh Hoa province: 105 people
Viet Tiep Hospital 2 (Hai Phong), Khanh Hoa Tropical Hospital, Da Nang Lung Hospital, Gia Lai Field Hospital, Dong Thap Muoi General Hospital, Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City have finished vaccinating against COVID-19 in this period.
On the morning of March 17, at the Standing meeting of the Government with localities on the COVID-19 epidemic prevention, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long said that among more than 20,000 people vaccinated AstraZeneca (from March 8 to March 16), there were 4,078 cases of normal reaction after injection. In addition, 5 people responding to a degree 2 anaphylaxis and a person responding to a degree 3 anaphylaxis have been treated and stabilized their health.
This third-degree case is due to the fact that the emergency work does not follow the protocol of the Ministry of Health. The ministry has sent experts to reorganize this injection facility to perform well in the coming time.
According to the head of the health sector, before the information about cases of blood clots after the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Ministry of Health has continuously evaluated and monitored: “Up to now, in Vietnam, there have been no cases of post-injection blood clots. The Ministry of Health still requires all health facilities to continue training medical staff, and organize appropriate and safe injection points as well as facilities. At this time, health facilities continue to organize COVID-19 vaccination”.
According to the Ministry of Health