Thanks to the boom of industrial and residential projects and the increasing income of Vietnamese households, the demands for refrigeration and air conditioning systems have surged more rapidly than ever. Therefore, students studying this sector will have  a great chance to get high paying jobs and promising opportunities in their career path.

What is Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering?

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering is a major that focuses on the installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in private households, industrial, residential and commercial buildings, transportation, and storage.

Air conditioning engineers need fundamental knowledge related to thermodynamics and electricity, creating and operating systems; recognizing and repairing faults. They also have skills of concentration and attention to detail at every step in the process to find mistakes. Communication skill is needed for them to consult customers.

A lecturer is introducing the central air conditioning system for students K44

Career opportunities after graduation

After graduation, students will become technical engineers working in air conditioning and refrigeration consulting, constructing, and installing companies. In addition, you will also work in commercial or public buildings such as restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, hospitals, and schools to manage and operate air conditioning and refrigeration  systems at restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, etc.

Is the income of the profession incredibly high ?

According to statistics, there have been faster and larger increases in the demands for refrigeration devices and air conditioners in families and buildings than before. The rate of using these devices in urban areas is almost 100%. Approximately 60% of rural households have been equipped with air conditioners, and the figure is expected to increase. That proves the income of an air conditioning technician in one day can reach 1.5 to 2 million VND  during the peak season. In general, an air conditioning engineer can earn an average monthly salary of over 12 million VN during the summer when the demands for installing and repairing refrigeration and air conditioning devices significantly increase. With a high paying salary and stable income, this major could be a good decision for young people who love the technique and can recognize potential risks and take measures to correct the faults.

Where should you study?

Mien Trung Industry and Trade College will be a prestigious and reliant training place for you to pursue your career as a refrigeration and air conditioning technician. With the staff of well qualified and experienced lecturers and the curriculum designed to provide fundamental knowledge and necessary professional skills, we ensure that you will have jobs immediately after graduation and adapt to the demands of the workplace flexibly.

If you are passionate about electricity and thermodynamics, choosing refrigeration and air conditioning engineering may be a good decision for your career path in the future. Please contact MITC immediately via hotline: 0869291168 or visit the website: for further advice and support.

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